Free Poker Strategies

Understand the game

Free Poker Strategies

  • To play good poker, you must first understand the kind of card you are playing. The person whose cards form the best hand wins the pot. The person whose cards form the best hand and has the best potential to make a hand, wins the pot.
  • In poker, a player can attempt to fool or bluff another player. For example, if you have been dealt bad cards and you think that you have a good hand, you can attempt to set a player up by betting or raising the bet. This would represent a significant raise that would make the pot raised. In order to accomplish this, you would have to know in advance what cards would be better than what cards your opponent holds.

The ability to Understand the Cards

Free Poker Strategies

  1. You have to know what cards make a hand and what cards are opponent has to make a hand. For example, if you opponent bets $5 into a $10 pot on the river with middle pair, you can call or re-raise. The $10 pot is not enough to call. In order to call, you would have to have Ace. However, since Ace is not one of the community cards, you do have to know what cards your opponent has, this is called an index card. The idea being that you are trying to match up your current cards with cards that your opponent may have.
  2. There are a lot of cards in poker, some of them are community cards, some are private cards, and some are left up to the player to figure it out for themselves. When you play poker, you have to agree (atemporally) on what cards make the best hands and you have to agree on the values of the cards. If you are a beginner, you could use the Texas symbol, which consists of two T’s, an ace, and a small card. Since the Texas symbol is the coverall for an amazing hand, the ace counts as either high or low.
  3. Great minds understand that the ace is both high and low and therefore it is wise to use the ace as the highest or lowest card in a sequence. The one who gets the straight flush uses an ace to high the card in his hand. If you have An A Like With score of nine, you would have a score of +9. The ace can also be used as a low card if you have lower cards in your hand. For example, if you have two aces in your hand, you would have a low card of 2 and a high card of 10.
  4. The ace can also be used as a high card if you have a pair. In that case, you would want the ace to be paired with the other card in your hand. If you have an ace, pair the another ace, and you will have a royal flush.

The ace of spades is a powerful starting hand foragers. It has the versatility to throw opponents off track as to what cards you have. It’s not the kind of hand that you want to lead out with but you could lead out with a wide range of cards in several different positions.

Rolling the Bones

If you’ve got a good hand, you could play it fast. For instance, you could limp in or round the tip to try and get a free card on the flop. But, you could also slow it down and raise the pot odds before the flop. Being aggressive when you have a good hand could get your opponents to believe that you are really strong and not bluffing.

You could attempt to use your poker table positioning to your advantage after you get dealt a good hand. Try to get into pots last. This way you’ll get more value on your hand. And when you’re in a pot you’ll be able to survive longer because you have a lot of momentum on your side.

But when you’re dealt a tough hand that the majority of your opponents are folding, you could choose to drive out the competition. Sometimes in a NL game there may be a situation where all the chips are in the middle position. If you’re in late position and you have a few contenders in the pot then you can make a move for the pot.

Sometimes in Pot Limit games you may be facing an opponent who is short stacked. Your chip stack could be about to wear out on the next hand. You can be sure that an all-in could easily take the pot from you. You need to be very aggressive in this situation. If you call your hand quickly, you might just be throwing away money on a poor hand.