How to Increase Your Chances of Winning – Inside the Numbers

You will only increase your chances of winning if you know what numbers to choose. You can’t just purchase a “quick pick” option, or one of the many tickets that list the same numbers. The system only makes sense if you know the correct numbers to choose. Choosing these numbers every week will not increase your chances of winning. You will need to know which numbers to choose over time.

Your Chances of Winning - Inside the Numbers

This is where some of the logic comes in.

You won’t win every game or even every week. However, if you stick to the system, you will certainly win more than you lose. Let’s take an example to make this clear.

  • Take a box of numbers 5/39 on the play slip. Place your chosen set on the box in any position. If the numbers are P7, you have the option to choose 1 to 6, numbers however you want. On the play slip, you’ve made a choice of P7. That being said, the numbers you chose are now in the box on your play slip, paired together from left to right.
  • On the next week, you purchase a number for a pick-up game. The exact order that you chose is what you are going to be matched up against. Matching isn’t too hard for these numbers because they are relatively easy. Take a look at the numbers that you chose and see how they are grouped. On the play slip, they should be in the same order, but not necessarily consecutive. In order to win, you have to either match the exact order or the numbers that you chose should be included in the winning number combination.
  • An example of this is the number 32. You can choose to pick either a 32 or a 33 on your play slip. Yet, by doing so, you are only using one of the two numbers that you chose. If your lucky number for the 31st draw is not among the winning numbers, then you haven’t won. In order to win, all you have to do is match the exact order, or numbers, of the numbers you picked.
  • Yet, many people believe that choosing a number that they feel will give them better luck is better. Any number they feel favorable towards is likely to collect some lotto money, if they win the lottery. Yet, matching a number is not enough to win the lotto. You need more than that if you want to win big.

At the same time, you choose a good combination of numbers follows a certain pattern.

Your Chances of Winning - Inside the Numbers

The best combination is not so high, yet you have to pick numbers that are following some probability theory. The probability that a number will follow is a lot lower than just choosing a number, alone.

  1. Once you have chosen your numbers, you need to increase your odds of winning in every single draw by using the Tennessee Cash 5. From the 1 in 5 chance you have when picking your own numbers, you need to increase it by at least 30% in order to win. You can do that by mixing your chosen numbers with a number of other options you can choose. You can either pick your number out of the blue, or you can carefully choose a number that is following a 1-to-59 trend. Even a single number spins the same chance of winning as a pair of numbers, yet when you use a 1-to-59 strategy, you increase your odds of winning from 1 in 600 to 1 in every 675,gesippi-river-lottery.
  2. When you use the Tennessee Cash 5, you can choose to buy a subscription, where you’ll be given the lucky numbers to pick. From that point on, you will have a certain chance of winning, as you have a subscription number. Just as well, you will not have a single another person’s lucky numbers to pick.
  3. The Tennessee Cash 5 doesn’t even give you a thought to choose your own numbers, then you use the quick pick option, where the computer will generate your numbers randomly. From there, you can either use your lucky numbers to win one of the three draws, or you can win the game with no lucky numbers at all.

If you are wondering if there is a way to win the lottery without relying on your lucky numbers, you can try the “Quick Pick” option.